The Network of Independent Canadian Exhibitors (NICE) is an alliance of Canadian independent cinemas, festivals and professional programmers offering curated film programming to public audiences.

NICE film exhibitors are community-oriented and provide a meeting space for audiences.

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NICE acts as an industry body on behalf of and in the interest of Canadian independent film exhibitors, and facilitates a network for information and resource sharing.


NICE aims to grow independent Canadian film exhibitors’ status as relevant cultural influencers by continuing to present and support Canadian and international film content and festivals to a variety of audiences.


Since 2018, independent film exhibitors across Canada have joined a central Google Group to share stories and resources. In the years since, NICE has grown into a national community of more than 100 independent film exhibitors, with membership stretching from Vancouver Island to PEI.

Christie Pits Film Festival in Toronto, ON. Photo: Nicola Betts