The Network of Independent Canadian Exhibitors (NICE) is an alliance of Canadian independent cinemas, festivals and professional programmers offering curated film programming to public audiences.

NICE film exhibitors are community oriented; we provide a meeting space for audiences and present high quality Canadian and international films.

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Member organizations:

  • Apollo Cinema Kitchener ON
  • The Bookshelf Cinema Guelph ON
  • ByTowne Cinema Ottawa ON
  • Carbon Arc Cinema Halifax NS
  • Cinéma Beaubien Montreal QC
  • Cinéma du Musée Montreal QC
  • Cinéma du Parc Montreal QC
  • Cinema Moderne Montreal QC
  • The Cinematheque Vancouver BC
  • The Civic Theatre Nelson BC
  • Circle Theatre Alliston ON
  • Dollar Cinema Montreal QC
  • Dunbar Theatre Vancouver BC
  • Fox Theatre Toronto ON
  • Hyland Cinema London ON
  • Metro Cinema at the Garneau Edmonton AB
  • Regent Theatre Picton ON
  • Revue Cinema Toronto ON
  • Rio Theatre Vancouver BC
  • The Royal Cinema Toronto ON
  • Royal Theatre Trail BC
  • The Screening Room Kingston ON
  • Toronto Outdoor Picture Show Toronto ON
  • The Westdale Hamilton ON
  • Workman Arts/Rendezvous with Madness Toronto ON


NICE acts as an industry body on behalf of and in the interest of Canadian independent film exhibitors, and facilitates a network for information and resource sharing.


NICE aims to grow independent Canadian film exhibitors’ status as relevant cultural influencers by continuing to present and support Canadian and international film content and festivals to a variety of audiences.

Christie Pits Film Festival in Toronto, ON. Photo: Nicola Betts