National Canadian Film Day: free movies for NICE members!

The Network of Independent Canadian Exhibitors (NICE) is delighted to partner with REEL CANADA for this year’s National Canadian Film Day (NCFD) on Wednesday, April 20.

NICE members can take advantage of a special free offer of Canadian films: recent hits Night Raiders and Beans, and the film classic C.R.A.Z.Y. in tribute to the director Jean-Marc Vallée.

NICE is dedicated to building local audiences for Canadian cinema, which makes this a perfect partnership and opportunity to celebrate!

Independent Cinemas Programme

Reel Canada has curated three special—and FREE—offerings specifically for NICE members:

Night Raiders (2021)
Recently named to TIFF’s Canada’s Top Ten 2021 and a nominee for Best Canadian Film by the Toronto Film Critics Association, Night Raiders had the widest-ever theatrical opening for an Indigenous film in Canada.

Beans (2020)
Based on true events, Beans is set against the Oka crisis of 1990, and was selected for TIFF’s Canada’s Top Ten of 2020. It won the 2021 Canadian Screen Award for Best Canadian Film.

C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005)
The breakthrough film for Oscar-nominated filmmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée, the director of Dallas Buyer’s Club, Wild and HBO’s Big Little Lies. C.R.A.Z.Y. has recently been restored with an all-new version available to screen for NCFD.

NCFD will procure the films and cover any screening fees in order to provide you with free screenings of these exciting Canadian films (pending successful negotiations with the rights holders). NCFD also creates a package of pre-recorded materials to enhance your screening, which could include introductions and/or Q&As.

What is NCFD?

National Canadian Film Day is a nationwide celebration of great Canadian film, presented by REEL CANADA. Now in its ninth year, NCFD features screenings of Canadian films in hundreds of communities across the country, and around the world.

More than 1,000 community screenings take place annually at film festivals, embassies, seniors residences, cinemas and anywhere you can project a film.

In 2019, these screenings attracted an estimated 60,000 Canadians, while with the help of our many broadcast partners, more than 2,000,000 Canadians watched a great Canadian film in their homes.


All Canadian film exhibitors, including film festivals, film clubs and professional film programmers, are invited to join NICE!

NICE film exhibitors are community oriented; we provide a meeting space for audiences and present high quality Canadian and international films.

We facilitate information-sharing and advocacy through monthly meetings and an online forum. And yes—it’s totally free.

A Thriving Cultural Economy Includes Independent Cinemas

Today, cinemas nationwide celebrate and showcase great movies on National Canadian Film Day. In order for Canadian film to succeed, we need Canadian independent film exhibitors.

On the heels of yesterday’s federal budget announcement, the Network of Independent Canadian Exhibitors (NICE) is delighted to see that Telefilm will grow its support of Canadian filmmakers. We know that nurturing our homegrown talent, especially with an eye to equity, is crucial to a thriving national culture.

But once the films are produced, how are we ensuring that they are seen by Canadians? Across the country, audiences trust their local cinemas, film festivals, and film clubs to introduce them to movies they will love. Many viewers prefer to watch movies at a cinema, and a theatrical release ensures better performance on other platforms.

Too often, cinemas are lost in the conversation between commerce, and publicly-funded cultural projects. It is time for that to change. Independent cinemas are champions of Canadian and international film, and your favourite neighbourhood hub. We are necessary to bring Canadian films to public audiences, a crucial part of our ability to tell our own stories as a country, and we play an active role in the economic well-being of our neighbourhoods.

We are encouraged to see forthcoming roundtables on the Theatrical Exhibition Program from Telefilm, as an endorsement of our importance to the nation’s cultural and economic landscape. In the UK and US, we have already seen great emphasis put on supporting independent film exhibitors for these very reasons, with targeted support for arts venues and cinemas reaching £1.57 billion and $16 billion respectively to date.

Venue closures to reduce community transmission of COVID-19 have hit cinemas hard this past year. Canada is at risk of losing its independent cinemas if directed support is not provided. We are an important Canadian sector, and it is time we are recognized.

Une économie culturelle florissante requiert des cinémas indépendants

Aujourd’hui, les cinémas à travers le pays célèbrent et présentent de grands films à l’occasion de la Journée du cinéma canadien. Pour que le cinéma canadien réussisse, nous avons besoin d’exploitants de cinémas indépendants canadiens.

Dans la foulée de l’annonce du budget fédéral d’hier, le Réseau des exploitants indépendants canadiens (NICE) est ravi de voir que Téléfilm Canada va accroître son soutien aux cinéastes canadiens. Nous savons qu’il est essentiel de soutenir nos talents locaux, en particulier dans un souci d’équité, pour que la culture nationale soit florissante.

Mais une fois que les films sont produits, comment s’assurer qu’ils sont vus par les Canadiens? Partout à travers le pays, le public fait confiance à ses cinémas locaux, à ses festivals de cinéma et à ses ciné-clubs pour leur faire découvrir des films qu’ils aimeront. De nombreux spectateurs préfèrent regarder des films au cinéma, et une sortie en salle garantit de meilleures performances que sur d’autres plateformes.

Trop souvent, les cinémas sont perdus dans la conversation entre le commerce et les projets culturels financés par les pouvoirs publics. Il est temps que cela change. Les cinémas indépendants sont les champions du cinéma canadien et international, et le centre de votre quartier préféré. Nous sommes nécessaires pour faire connaître les films canadiens au public, ce qui constitue un élément crucial de notre capacité à raconter nos propres histoires en tant que pays, et nous jouons un rôle actif dans le bien-être économique de nos quartiers.

Nous sommes encouragés par les tables rondes à venir sur le Programme d’exploitation des salles de cinéma de Téléfilm Canada, comme une reconnaissance de notre importance dans le paysage culturel et économique du pays. Au Royaume-Uni et aux États-Unis, nous avons déjà constaté que l’accent est mis sur le soutien aux exploitants de films indépendants pour ces mêmes raisons, avec des soutiens ciblés pour les salles de spectacle et les cinémas atteignant respectivement 1,57 milliard de livres et 16 milliards de dollars à ce jour.

Les fermetures des salles pour réduire la transmission communautaire de la COVID-19 ont  durement touché les cinémas l’année dernière. Le Canada risque de perdre ses cinémas indépendants si un soutien ciblé n’est pas apporté. Nous sommes un secteur culturel et financier canadien important et il est temps que nous soyons reconnus.